AAA PS4 games I’ve yet to complete

From my post history you can read how I’ve made a pledge to myself to finish the awesome games that I own before I purchase any new ones…. Doom was an exception, but I did complete it within a couple of weeks of purchase 🙂

Here’s a list of my outstanding AAA PS4 games collection, limited to non digital versions:

This brought back many memories adding the links, too many of these games have sat gathering dust for too long; parenthood cuts down on ones free time 🙂

So what do I tackle next; I’ve forgotten where I were in the story in several of them.

Think I’ll tick off Horizon Zero Dawn, I’m close to the end game; as I am in FFXV, but think that one will take a few more hours to level up.

5 thoughts on “AAA PS4 games I’ve yet to complete

  1. Only a 300 MB update for ver 1.52, nothing compared to what feels like downloading a new game each time I play Overwatch 🙂

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