CyanogenMod for Nexus 4

Cyanogenmod – Make Mako your own! destructions for installing Cyanogenmod onto the Nexus4

Cyanogenmod was my preferred ROM for my Nexus 1, after it was no longer supported for updates.

Now I’m considering switching back to it, on my N4, for different reasons… the main one to break away from Google’s tracking. The down side is that I’m hooked on Google Apps 🙁

So here’s a list of the benefits of Android supported with Google apps.


For me an millions of others Gmail has become as synonymous to email as as to search.

  • I have several accounts that I use for different purposes
  • the app is good, clean and simple
  • more storage than I’ll ever need
  • built into the phone, the functionality is great

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Mobile Ingress Intelligence

Rating: ★★★★★
Ingress Intel Total Conversion
This app has been installed on my phone and tablet for the past couple of weeks, and it’s chewing up bandwidth.
I have been opening it more often than Gmail!

It’s fantastic to see what has changed in the ‘hood overnight, and perfect for planning the most AP effective route for my lunch time migration between portals.

This is truly an amazing feat of programming, and perhaps the most useful app I’ve come across… of course it’s not very useful if you haven’t received your invite yet 🙂

Install on Android via QR Code

And here’s a link to the desktop version that I’ve yet to play with fully

Ingress Portal Attack Simulator

Rating: ★★★★☆
It does what it says on the tin 🙂

Wanna fantasise about taking down a local level 7 portal?
This wonderful page, allows you to quantify the dream and help make it a reality.

Plug in the resonator stats of a given portal, either individually, or using pre configured options, which are based on level maximums, or max levels across all resonators. i.e. 1 player level 6, all resos level6
These are pretty cool, as they give n00bs like me a sense of the development pace.

The portal can then be decayed a couple of days, and the location of the resonators can be tweaked.

Now come the fun bit, choosing your burster level, clicking on the heat map and predict damage, and click away.

you situate your blast radius circle over the resonator target and hit them where it hurts. Damage is shown for each blast, and a total count of how many you needed to destroy all, and claim the portal for yourself.

And to top this off, today made level 3 and I created my own control fields!
2 with one click, 129 + 123 MU’s (313 + 1250 + 1250 AP’s!)

morning out motivated by ingress

Don’t know if you noticed but I like games 😉
One other ability I’ve been blessed with is a short attention span and to be guaranteed to be wow’d by the next pastime I’ve taken up… this weeks fascination in certainly Ingress.

Taking advantage of the daylight saving adjustment and dragging my usually lethargic arse out of bed, to place down some resonators at a local Anglican,dual portal, Church.

Puling in to the car-park with the congregation leaving the church, sharing chit-chat, & generally milling about. I did what I could filling up 2 resonator slots with my shitty underpowered level one kit, and started to top up the energy on the portals.

Quickly running out of juice, but there was heaps of xm floating about just the other side of the car-park… next to all of the people. I looked quite presentable, for a Sunday morning, but nothing as polished as the onlookers. I got to the portal quickly, a huge wooden cross, created by a local artist, staring at my phone noming up the xm… but as I looked up I made contact with a smartly dressed lady. She approached, I shuffled my feet staring at the screen. We introduced ourselves, I asked her questions on the Church and sculpture, she asked if I was here for the Church, I said:
“No I’m playing a Google beta augmented reality game” and she didn’t even blink.

I’ve also been stalking my local Samoan Church, pulling up to hack it over the last couple of days, my second portal claim of the day 🙂 Pulling into their carpark, and parking on the street in front, I’ve been getting some curious looks from the local milling Samoans. A nod followed by Falopa usually gets smile… but I’m considering not playing in the local area, I feel like I’m observed more, & probably help to suspicion. A couple of times today I’ve driven by Police cars, or probably the same one several times, still; no flashing blues, but I think it’s only a matter of time, law of averages

So thinking of sticking to the urban & park portals, and to leave the Churches alone 🙂

By the charity of another I’m now playing Ingress

Ingress logo
Rating: ★★★★☆
A kindly gent passed on to me an Ingress invite last night 🙂
I’m really stoked about it, and have had fun today hacking a few portals.

I still think Ingress is one big fact finding tool for Google, although I’m just a tiny fish in a global pond, I’m still a little cautious… crazy eh?

Ingress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online video game created by NianticLabs@Google, released for Android devices.

Players of the game belong to one of two factions, “Enlightened” (represented in green) and “Resistance” (blue). The game-play allows players to enclose regions of territory on the surface of the earth with virtual links between virtual portals, which are visible in the game software. The top-level goal of the game is for one’s faction to control large numbers of “Mind Units”, the estimated number of humans within the regions of territory controlled by the faction.


So I’ve joined a few Google plus communities, applied for others that are invite only, and have downloaded a couple of useful apps. I’ve found these very valuable in finding my way around, and my lunch time walk now has a mission behind it 🙂

Feeling a little underpowered when I see the local ‘COMM’ shows other individuals capturing heaps of portals, when all I can do is a light hack. From what I’ve read, teams are the way forward, and over time I’ll level up.

I’m looking forward to seeing the bits of the World this will open up, I’ve even been introduced to a couple in my local neighbourhood so far

Ingress Intel Helper
The easiest way to view the Ingress Intel Map from your phone.
Provides a handy shortcut to load the intel map directly from your home screen. No more worrying about keeping the tab open in Chrome! Now you can switch between Ingress and the Intel Map with ease.
install here