Back to Bloodborne

Motivated by a player I met playing CoD Black Ops iii last night I’ve decided to try and complete Bloodborne
He had Platinum trophies in each From Software title, so I can learn to master the parry… and remember the controls again.

8.5 GB download though, it’s been a while since I last booted it up!
The OLd Hunters DLC is only 10 bucks, is it worth picking up?

I was waiting until it was a good price, and it doesn’t get much better đŸ™‚

One thought on “Back to Bloodborne

  1. Realised this is the 2nd post I’ve made named Back to Bloodborne; guess it’s the difficulty that drives me away until I forget how tough it is đŸ™‚

    Although this time back I’ve ticked off 2 bosses, and am finding the challenge fun, and not too overbearing… guess I’ve finally got gud… ish

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