The binding of Isaac- item combos and mechanics

Rating: ★★★★½
The binding of Isaac is a simple game on the surface but the longer you spend in the demented world of Isaac the more you realize the opportunity’s and combos. In this series I will show you some combos, some items worth avoiding and some base mechanics in the game.

The habit (item martyr)

The habit is an item obtained via the shops. It recharges your “space bar” item whenever you take damage. This is best used with the dice/d6 (an item that allows you to re-roll pedestal items) to allow for more re-rolls . The habit is one of the best items in Isaac if you are running a high health class/ or have health pick-ups.

???(character),the Polaroid and blood rights
This combo is insane! The Polaroid will give you invincibility if you get hit or use blood rights and blood rights will deal instant damage to every enemy in the room. This makes every boss in the game easy and is kind of OP as you can spam damage at the boss.
I would like to thank Namaztak for bringing this to my attention.

Shot speed up!
In my opinion a shot speed-up is terrible (that’s a whole different post) but here are some facts about it:

  • Shot speed up adds more knock back
  • Sacred heart is the only shot speed down
  • Samson starts with more shot speed (+0.31)
  • Shot speed can only stack up to 1.4

Tough love
Tough love gives a chance of teeth being shot instead of tears causing over triple the damage you currently do. The chance is (1/10)
This obviously is great if you have a high luck class.

And that is it for part 1 of this series. Is there anything I missed? Tell me in the comment section!

I would like to thank Northernlion‘s videos for getting me into binding of Isaac and bisnap for his videos teaching me the basics of game breaking.

Notch’s “secret”

We all know of the Easter egg in gaming like the cake room in portal or the headless ghostin skyrim but they have all been found quickly. Notch-the creater of minecraft- says that there is a easter egg in minecraft. Not just that but it has been in their for over a year! What is it… A crafting recipe maybe herobrine. The thing is no-ones found out.

minecraft- Texture pack review

What is a texture pack?

A texture pack is a upgrade -or downgrade- in graphics which can improve the fps or make your game look fancy.

Painterly pack

This is a high textured customizable  pack. With easy to use custom choices and mod support.  The website is

Photo realism pack


WARNING- This is very high textured! Crashes may occur. This pack is hd and is amazing! If you like realism you  will love this. Download from minecraft forum

Pie hole

A simple texture pack with a little custom twist.

Great for people with laggy computers, who like Minecraft textures, but finds they make there computer lag. The link is

Top 5… retro games

I requested a post from, my then, pre-teen nephew, about what games he was playing and what he enjoyed, here’s his eloquent reasoned response 🙂

Me and my friends have recently been noticing the change in gaming graphics, and I decided to collect my favourite retro games.

5. X-Com – OK there is not a great fan base for this game and it did die out quick but this game is really strategic!

4. DOOM – Do I have to talk about how good this game is. Its duke nukem but good.

3. Mario – I’m more of a sonic fan but eating magic mushrooms is fun…right?

2. Sonic – Whether you like green hill or chemical plant sonic is great. If only there was more than 1 good sonic game since 2000

1. Jet Set Radio Future – I love running around with a iPod in my hand while shooting cops with spray-paint!

Minecraft 101- Ores and enemy’s

Minecraft is a smash hit game made by team mojang and this is just a little tutorial on surviving,building and living in a easy fashion

1. What to do first?- As soon as you enter the world you need to knock down trees.Take down around 3 trees then start to craft

1. Enemy’s- There are multiple enemys in the game and these are a few-
creeper- Green stick like creature which explodes when they are near you they drop gunpowder. Skeleton – These have a bow and arrow they drop bones
Spider-Can walk up walls and jump quickly.They drop string
This is about it for the normal world ill leave it to you to find the rest

2-Ores This is a simple ore grid —- Wood pickaxe- Stone pick axe- Iron pick Axe- Diamond pick axe. These are the main ores

A crafting tutorial will be on its way soon!