number 3 of a trilogy, in 4 parts

Assassins Creed Brotherhood
This weekend I picked up Assassins Creed Brotherhood for the PS3.
I played the 1st 2 on the 360 & enjoyed them lots. I was a little reluctant to play this on the PS3, as I kinda wanted the gamer points on xbox live… don’t think I’ve mentioned before about my compulsion to build my score 🙂

What I liked

  • Horse riding better than Epona, as in the other versions the movement of the horse is amazing, da Vinci would be impressed… plus you can hijack a horse with cool armor at no download cost!
  • In the original Altair’s swan dive was the most awesome thing ever, it was the compelling driver to explore… still cool as
  • One huge city
  • Combat slick, the combos fluid… I feel sorry for the guards at times
  • Rome’s a nice place to chill, strolling around pick pocketing, taking out guards in novel manners
  • Where are the children? Although perhaps best left out, don’t wanna see them get hurt. But after Fable I kinda expect to see the odd ankle biter
  • As in the 2 prequels, there’re the glyphs & feathers to find which challenge you to visit areas off of the well trodden path.
  • Geek fest for all of the history facts.
    Learned today that Pontificate mean bridge-builder
  • The facts reinforce Christianity’s influence on today’s World & western history

What I’m not enjoying

  • I wish Desmond & Ezio would stop jumping into the void when there’s no-where to land safely, assassins ptah(!)

Think I prefer the PS3 version to the 360, only ‘cos the controls seem easier more fluent & responsive… lots less fogging too.

Another amazingly stylised title from Ubisoft… from whom I’ve been playing a lot of good games lately.

I’d certainly recommend picking this up, especially if you’ve played the prequels, many hours of bad ass assassin action & a great game to chill with as you can play in the virtual medieval sand box of Rome

Look forward to the next installment.
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5 thoughts on “number 3 of a trilogy, in 4 parts

  1. Some nice plot twists

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  2. A week on & 12 hours into the game I’m loving it.
    Similar kinda pace to the last 2, but fun nevertheless.

    I’m happy that I explored & opened up the World, as much as was possible, before following the plot missions, as it eases the frustrations.

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