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Tumbleweed Gets Qt 5.9, mp3 Out-Of-The Box

A total of seven openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots featuring new software were released this week along with an upgrade to GStreamer that allows for mp3 decoding to work out-of-the box. The newest stable Linux Kernel 4.11.6 is also available in the latest Tumbleweed snapshot 20170620. Updates in the repositories from the 20170620 snapshot brought both the […]

Posted on 22 June 2017 | 11:44 pm

Website About People of openSUSE Ends Hiatus

Interviews with people involved in the openSUSE Project have returned and new pages will be added in the future highlighting individuals involved in the community project. The first interview to be posted after a five-year hiatus was posted in November of 2016 and highlights Dominique Leuenberger, who is at VLC contributor and release manager for […]

Posted on 20 June 2017 | 12:08 am

KDE Applications 17.04.2 Arrives in Tumbleweed

KDE Applications 17.04.2 is now available to openSUSE Tumbleweed users after arriving in the most recent snapshot of the five snapshots delivered this week. Snapshot 20170612 is the largest snapshot of the week and centers mostly on fixing bugs and adding patches. GNOME’s Bijiben upgraded to version 3.24.0 and fixed a memory leak as well […]

Posted on 15 June 2017 | 12:29 am

Tumbleweed Snapshots Pick Up Pace

The care and thoroughness of making GNU Compiler Collection 7 the default compiler for openSUSE Tumbleweed produced a gradual decrease in snapshots over the past month, but it looks like snapshots of the rolling release are beginning to pick up the pace. The four snapshots released this week aligns much to closer to upstream development […]

Posted on 8 June 2017 | 11:09 pm

Next Leap 42.3 Snapshot Equates to Release Candidate

Rolling Development Still needs Testing, Promoters Since changing to a rolling development version model for the eventual release of openSUSE Leap 42.3, challenges have arisen to get more people testing it. There is no milestone releases (Alpha or Beta) for openSUSE Leap 42.3, but snapshots of the development version are constantly being released. “So far […]

Posted on 6 June 2017 | 8:33 pm

GNU Compiler Collection 7 Now openSUSE Tumbleweed Default

The default compiler for openSUSE Tumbleweed became GNU Compiler Collection 7 after the release of snapshot 20170529 making openSUSE the first major distribution to have the new compiler by default. While Tumbleweed still has GCC6, GCC7 is now the standard for completing executable binaries for the chameleon’s rolling distribution and the change momentarily slowed down […]

Posted on 1 June 2017 | 9:25 pm

Introducing Kubic Project: a new open-source project

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the container technologies market. From being a non-existent category just a few years ago to being one of the most interesting, fast development and exciting areas. Containers change the way we think about application architecture and the speed at which we can deliver on business requirements. They provide […]

Posted on 29 May 2017 | 7:15 pm

Conference Talks Uploaded, Stream is Live

This year’s openSUSE Conference has so far been a blast and the talks  from Day 1 of the conference have already been uploaded to the openSUSETV YouTube channel. For the people who couldn’t make it to this year’s conference, they can watch the live stream of the conference at There are two rooms (Galerie […]

Posted on 27 May 2017 | 10:18 pm

Enterprise Beta Sources Added to openSUSE Leap 42.3 Build

Sources from the beta version of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Service Pack 3 (SP3) arrived today in the latest build for openSUSE’s next minor release of the 42 series. The transition to a rolling development process for openSUSE Leap 42.3 has changed the traditional milestone process, but fixed milestones are alive and well with SLE […]

Posted on 19 May 2017 | 9:32 pm

Kernel 4.11 Arrives in openSUSE Tumbleweed

Multiple small pattern changes had momentarily slowed the releases of openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots, but snapshots are expected to come more frequently moving forward. The newest snapshot, 20170516, brought Linux Kernel 4.11 and tons of new fixes and features. The new kernel has at least eight prominent features and a pluggable IO scheduler for the multiqueue […]

Posted on 18 May 2017 | 8:50 pm