offensive overwatch


12 out of 15 hours of my Overwatch time have been spent playing Mercy, time for a change!

And not just in character, but play style… although funnily enough I’ve achieve better healing stats with Lucio, and love the advantages of Symmetra.

So I’ve taken my fight to the front line, when no-one else in the team has chosen a healer in quick play; I’m just one level away from joining friends in competitive season!

So as for attack I’m enjoying:

  • Hanzo and his bow attack
  • Soldier: 76 for the run and gun approach
  • Played on game with Widowmaker, have to learn to back off

    Looking at my stats I may have to try more Lucio, but there are the rest of the characters I’ve given zero playtime.

    Overwatch is a great pick up an play game, that for me is really filling the gap; both in the evening, and until I can get my hands on No Mans Sky πŸ™‚
    Rating: ★★★★½

elite dangerous trailer


I picked up Elite Dangerous pre launch but until now have not seen the trailer.

OMG it’s awesome, and depicts the game well, another title I’m looking forward to coming to PS4… or whatever version of the PlayStation I’ll be playing on then πŸ˜‰

overwatch ps4 first contact

Installing Overwatch on the PS4 ps4 first contact

@ 90.61%, don’t know what to expect, except what I’ve picked up from the brief tutorial… here are class tips I found from the PSN blog


  • Don’t stay deployed in Sentry Configuration in one location for too long, or your enemy will adapt and gain the upper hand.


  • If you use Self-Destruct after activating Boosters, D.Va ejects—but her mech continues moving forward before detonating.


  • Genji’s Deflect ability isn’t just for defense. Aim at enemies when using it to hit them with their own attacks.


  • Scatter Arrow can be devastating when aimed at the ground in front of your target.


  • Detonate a Concussion Mine at your feet to launch yourself into the air and reach higher areas. Don’t worry—you won’t take any damage from your own Mine.


  • Soundwave, the alternate fire mode of Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier, is useful for keeping enemies away, but it can also be used to push enemies off of cliffs.


  • After stunning an enemy with your Flashbang, it’s much easier to hit them with the Peacekeeper’s alternate fire.


  • Placing an Ice Wall under you or your teammates will raise them up on top of the wall, giving them access to higher areas.


  • Guardian Angel can save you, too—use it on a distant teammate to take yourself out of immediate danger from enemies.


  • Concussive Blast can push enemies away and even knock them off cliffs, but you can also use it to push yourself away.


  • While you pass through enemies when you’re in Wraith Form, you can still gather Health Packs and Soul Globes while using it.


  • You can adjust the direction of your Charge as you rocket forward, making it so you can reach a target even if there’s not a straight path.


  • Chain Hook can interrupt many enemy abilities — including some ultimates.

Soldier: 76

  • Use Tactical Visor when your enemies are unaware of your location. They’ll have less time to seek cover or use defensive abilities.


  • The projectile from the Photon Projector’s alternate fire pierces through enemies as well as barriers such as Reinhardt’s Barrier Field, allowing it to hit multiple targets.


  • Turrets must rotate to face their target before firing, so always try to build your turrets in the direction you’re expecting enemies to come from.


  • If you Recall immediately after taking damage, you will regain your lost health.


  • Venom Mines placed along the likely path of an attacker can warn you of an approaching threat.


  • Winston leaps in the direction of his targeting reticle when activating his Jump Pack. By looking up, he can jump nearly straight up and land where he took off.


  • Graviton Surge can pull enemies away from a map objective, giving your team a chance to take the objective uncontested.


  • Transcendence is a great counter to many enemy area-of-effect abilities, such as Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

Dark Souls 3

Really must post more often, but family obligations and limited screen time get in the way… who am I kidding, I locked myself out with uber secure connections via Yubikey πŸ™‚

So Dark Souls 3, the only title that’s credible to drag me away from Street Fighter V

Wow, From have outdone themselves, finding a fine balance between challenge and playability, taking the essence from the earlier Dark Souls series, with the finesse of Bloodborne.

I’m 7 hours in, barely scratched the surface; here are my learnings/experiences

  1. 1st tried Assassin build, couldn’t progress beyond 1st boss battle
  2. Tried Herald build, blocked and poked way past 1st boss, although the flow of battle didn’t fit my style
  3. Opted for Sorcerer build (maybe biased by currently listening to IronMaiden’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son), beat 1st boss by nearly pure magic πŸ™‚
  4. Not sure if I haven’t explored magic enough in DS2 by only playing Cleric so far?
  5. Gone on with Sorcerer to acquire kick ass Samurai sword: Uchigatana from the Master outside of the Firelink Shrine
  6. Picked up a 100% physical block Lothric Knight Shield from the High wall of Lothric

I’m about to take my journey onwards, but I just wanted to note how much I’m loving this build.

It’s taken a while to level up my characters strength stats to use these new toys, and will look to focus on more sorcerer focused traits going forward, but I’m loving the strong varied options I have available currently.

Praise the sun… and thanks to polygon for these tips πŸ™‚

Thoughts on Street Fighter V post release


So Street Fighter V has finally arrived, and I’ve been playing as many matches as possible since launch πŸ™‚

So the important post launch questions: is it worthy of the pre-launch hype, is it an unfinished product, how does x platform matches work?

SFV lineup

Is Street Fighter V worthy of the pre-launch hype?

It is no secret that I’m a long time Street Fighter fan boy, so my opinion here may be a little biased; but so far for me it is living up to my expectations.

The starting selection of 16 characters is broad and varied, containing a mix of old favourites and original new fighters; with more to come over the next year or so.

I’m enjoying how the original fighters styles have been adjusted slightly (Main character is currently Ken, who is now distinctly different from Ryu), and how once charge moves, and even Chun Li’s hurricane kick, have been replaced with QCF’s.

Is Street Fighter V an unfinished product?

New characters and levelling were introduced in SFiv by launching new versions; Super, Arcade Edition, and Ultra, + omega. The plan for Street Fighter V is to make characters available one at a time through the year.

There are then options in how to pay for the additional con

while writing this I've been playing ranked matches, I've been happy sticking with casual till now, and have just been promoted to Bronze level :)

Caveat… I started this post weeks ago after launch, I’ve been playing heaps, but holding out for the March free patch; I will update when motivated πŸ™‚

Street Fighter 5 lands in 2 weeks

Street Fighter v

There are more and more articles regarding Street Fighter 5 as we get closer to the February 16th launch date

‘Street Fighter V’ will feature the series’ first full story mode


  • The free update will arrive in June and will bridge the gap between past ‘Street Fighter’ games.
  • the new single-player campaign will be released in June as free downloadable content for anyone who buys Street Fighter V.
  • All told, the Street Fighter V story mode will feature over an hour of in-game cinematic sequences running off the same 3D engine that powers the rest of the game, and that’s not including the actual gameplay elements.
  • That’s in addition to the character stories that’ll be present on day one. As in past Street Fighter games, playing through the arcade mode with your chosen character will reveal details and backstory on his or her place in the Street Fighter universe.
  • Capcom says it will continuously deliver free updates. Instead of selling “upgrade packs” that some players might buy and some might not, Capcom will release free balance updates to everyone.
  • Of course, there will still be paid content to unlock, either via in-game “fight money” or cold hard cash.
  • Capcom will launch its store a month after the game is released to give people time to play through the day-one content and earn some fight money.
  • “If you play through the majority of single-player content at launch, you’ll earn enough money to get the first new DLC character free of charge,”
  • After a month, Capcom will also start its daily challenges, which the company believes will provide a consistent source of fight-money revenue for players to earn.
    1. I’ve posted extensively about how much of fan I am of Street Fighter, back to Street Fighter ii in the grimy arcades of the 90’s, I never minded the costume DLC’s of SFiv, as they were totally optional; what did anger me, and many other Street Fighter fans, was having to play for extra characters in Street Fighter x Tekken.

      I hope this way of earning credits in game will ensure that we don’t have to spend real money on additional fighters… as mentioned above free releases are to be made to balance the game, hope this removes the need of Super Street Fighter v having a launch date of 2017?

      ‘Street Fighter V’ creator says his game is meant for pros and noobs alike


      Despite a focus on competitive gamers, Yoshinori Ono thinks everyone will enjoy the new installment.

      This is a fantastic interview, I’m eager to see how the new fighting options work… think I’ll miss FADC πŸ™‚

      15 days and counting!

afk busy end 2015


Time scarce, had time to spend quality time with boy, choice new job, learning guitar, as for games…

  • GTAV festive snow and costumes were fun
  • Dark Souls 2; still can’t find help for the same boss
  • Bloodborne; waiting for help with Amygdala, my techniques are failing me
  • Begun Battlefront Star Wars, Fallout 4 & Dishonoured Definitive edition
  • Picked up Nexus 5x and Chromecast

New Years resolution 2016:

  • update blog more often
  • rebuild twitter feeds
  • finish more games, Arkham Knight was the last!
  • consider updating site and banners, time allowing

Happy New Year people πŸ™‚

Back to Bloodborne


I’ve been having fun playing Dark Souls 2, progressing slowly, got to a point I couldn’t pass (caves spiders, then multiple dark cleric boss), so thought I’d take a break.

So booted up Bloodborne, played around in the Dark Forest levelled up a couple of times, and ended up opting to have a look around the Gaol.

Joy of joys, after several attempts & ringing the beckoning bell each time without response, I managed to defeat the πŸ™‚

I had no luck with my flaming cleaver, but Ludwig’s Holy Blade 2 handed made easy work of the so called boss… it was hard work until I tried Ludwig & no joke, can now sleep soundly!

binge of password changes


I’ve just been playing with a yubikey I picked up a couple of weeks ago, and have gone a a binge of changing online passwords.

Wonder how many I’ll have forgotten the setup to by dawn πŸ™

On the upside have unlocked Quiet on MGSv, and enjoying the more relaxed powerplay style completing missions again to max out special troops

d-dog has just joined the crew


With the limited playtime I have I’ve been working my way through the MGSV: Phantom Pain missions; enjoying the challenge of each encounter and stoked as d-dog has just joined the crew πŸ™‚

Thinking he might be more useful than the horse… I’ll cover my interest in the horse inclusion when I have more time.

I’ve also been learning the Major And Minor Pentatonic Scales, I can feel the callous develop on my finger daily πŸ™‚

This also might be the last day of my twitter news feeds from yahoo pipes, I’ve left it far too long to find an alternative; eh oh πŸ˜‰

MGSV How do I get off this horse?


First impressions of MGSV How do I get off this horse? πŸ™‚

I made the school boy error of picking up a weapon with no ammo before entering the last part of the intro, so regrettably I had to play through again… although I then scored an A, which was nice.

I’m now out in the wilds of Afghanistan, which is visually stunning, although I’m not sure how to get of the bloody horse.

So thanks to for this guide to the buttons for the PS4, and PC… it’s triangle πŸ™‚

Also found this list from the same author useful: MGSV: The Phantom Pain Tips & Tricks

Be careful out there!

First impressions is the beauty, scale, and surrealism that can only come from Japan; reminiscent in strangeness of past Resident Evil and Final Fantasy titles.

I look forward to getting into the game more

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt


I was reluctant to pick up the next gen of console, cautious that there were not enough quality original titles available. True, I have have been playing ported versions of GTAV and Street Fighter IV, but the 2 games that have been impressing me lately are the 3rd part in trilogies, begun on the last generation of hardware; Batman: Arkham Knight, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I’ve still yet to complete Arkham Knight, I was distracted by Street Fighter, and I found The Witcher hard to get into, although now I’m enjoying it immensely. I think my issue was that I was comparing it to Skyrim, and it’s more like Fable, or Zelda… this is not a bad thing.

Edit: I am getting annoyed with issues of loading screens locking and have to reload and follow another path

PS4 Geek Fighting Gadgets

Quite gutted that I can’t buy early Beta Access to Street Fighter v in my geographic area, so I have been making the most of the fighting options available for Street Fighter iv, on the PS4, with Geek Fighting Gadgets πŸ™‚

I’ve been searching for an hard copy of SFiv for the PS4, to be told they’re not available; so reluctantly settled for the digital version… all cool but my download speeds are far from state of the art, if fact they’re shite πŸ™

Then I needed to control my fighter with the highest response and fidelity, while keeping the price reasonable, as a solution I game up with 2 options:

PS4 Geek Fighting Gadgets Number 1: Titan 1

PS4 Geek Fighting Gadgets Number 1: Titan 1

TITAN One unleashes the TRUE POWER of your video game controller. The crossover feature allows you to use your favorite PlayStation, XBox, Wii/WiiU Controller or PC Keyboard & Mouse on the PS4**, Xbox One*, PS3, Xbox 360*, Playstation TV and PC. It also converts your controller into a fully modded controller without voiding your warranty or installing any chips or wires. The Titan One comes with the latest Gtuner Pro software and with a library full of feature-packed Gamepacks for many of today’s popular titles. With the Gtuner Pro software plugins you can create/record/use macros and remap any button or joystick on your controller. The Visual Programming Interface and the GPC Scripting Language enable you to easily and quickly program the Titan One to your own needs. Compatible with PS4**, XBOX ONE*, PS3, XBOX 360*, PLAYSTATION TV and PC.

My hope with this little dongle was to use my existing sanwa octagonal gated MadCatz Fighstick Pro. Everything worked OK, I could even set it up to resolve the reconnection issue every 7 to 10 mins, but on top of my poor connection, the lag was killing me.

Now I’m not great at Street Fighter, but I hold my own. Playing online via the Titan 1 dongle I was getting my arse handed to me every fight. Now I know I’m a little out of practice, but this was beyond the norm, I was even tempted to sign back up to XBOX Live Gold!

But then this wonderful piece of kit arrived in the post today…

PS4 Geek Fighting Gadgets Number 2: HORI FC4

PS4 Geek Fighting Gadgets Number 2: HORI FC4

  • Officially Licensed by SCEA
  • Compatible with both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Rotatable D-pad with adjustable sensitivity
  • R/L toggle switch, 6-button layout and Turbo functions
  • Wired controller ideal for fighting games

The HORI Fighting Commander 4 seems a robust bit of kit, and it certainly does the job it’s intended for. I was only learning stick on the xbox, so not sure how much this increases my love of this pad, but it works well.

  • The D-Pad has a nice feel, doesn’t round off in the centre, allowing for a quality charge or shoryuken play style.
  • The face buttons are a good size, and lift from the contour of the pad
  • It’s an ergonomic fit for a right handed player

So for half the price of the Titan dongle I’ve acquired a new pad… one that will hopefully help me with the long distance iron man events of GTAV πŸ™‚


Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight
I’ve been a fan of batman since my teen days, and have enjoyed each of the new video game series, so was stoked to pick up Batman Arkham Knight on the PS4.

I wasn’t happy about seeing the ‘season pack’ for sale for ~$70! Guess the Call of Duty business model is working?

First impressions

  • Frame rate seems a little too fast, the moment in combat is somewhat lost
  • Batmobile is now central to combat, not sure if it’ll be OP’d, or a plot crutch?

I’m not far into exploring Gotham, although enjoying the same look and feel. I like how the plot has cleared out the city of innocents, and am looking forward to how the plot fleshes out.

… more to follow πŸ™‚

Update Finale:

OK so I missed out a little commentary between my first session and just finishing the story this evening (94%, couple of bombs then Riddles to solve)

I’ve loved the dark story line, something that could never have been pulled off in a movie. By playing a scenario from the perspective of the character(s) it becomes similar to a Shakespeare soliloquy.

I now know more of the characters, their history is much more detailed than the previous titles,although not sure what is cannon?

The city is huge, the combat is fluid, a variety of gadgets are able to overcome most adversaries, and the batmobile kicks arse.

I’m kinda sorry the game is over, but I still have 100% to achieve, and there’s always NG+, and the DLC I picked up buying at launch.

Certainly the best of the Batman series, and my favourite title so far on this gen of console, perhaps the greatest single player title yet?… think I even prefer it to Witcher 3 (although not finsihed it yet), look forward to how MGS5 compares
Rating: ★★★★★

PS> Longest credit roll ever! πŸ™‚