Bloodborne complete

Mergo's Wet Nurse
Well nearly complete…

With the help of the awesome informative fextralife wiki Game Progress Route, and grinding blood in the lecture building, I made it to the Wet Nurse Wet Nurse.

I had a memorable experience of being joined by 2 other Hunters after I’d beaten up the Brain of Mensis, after I’d ‘made contact’… which seemed to take far too long, I thought I was doing something wrong.

Daykoh99 & JYNXtheDJ joined me, only for us to be invaded before we had the opportunity to step through the mist to face Mergo’s Wet Nurse. A Hunter at level 254, wielding weapons I’d not seen before began to kick our arses.

JYNXtheDJ didn’t manage to survive the battle, and the cheeky invader sculled many blood vials to heal his epic health bar; but we did eventually triumph. What a great feeling of success, and we’d yet to face the Nurse.

JYNXtheDJ joined us again, I think I may have summoned another NPC to join us (? although my memory may be hazy from so many boss battles), and we stepped into battle.

While the other Hunters attacked I circled around the back of the Nurse, using a level 8 Ludwig Holy Blade pimped with Bolt Paper. When she cloned and drew in the fog I followed Daykoh99 around the level circumference, then we all piled back on when we could see who to attack.

The battle was within a couple of minutes, and each of us survived, with more bows and curtsies exchanged πŸ™‚

So then I find myself back in the burning Hunter’s Dream with 3 One Third of Umbilical Cord’s in my stash… but do I want to finish the game just yet?

I picked up the DLC just before I started this recent completion quest, I do want to see completion, I never thought I’d make it this far… but I’m hooked again!

Those new weapons are calling me, and I have an inkling that if I finish the Bloodborne story now that I’ll never see the DLC in NG+ difficulty.

What a great problem to have eh? πŸ™‚

Back to Bloodborne


Motivated by a player I met playing CoD Black Ops iii last night I’ve decided to try and complete Bloodborne
He had Platinum trophies in each From Software title, so I can learn to master the parry… and remember the controls again.

8.5 GB download though, it’s been a while since I last booted it up!
The OLd Hunters DLC is only 10 bucks, is it worth picking up?

I was waiting until it was a good price, and it doesn’t get much better πŸ™‚

Journey free



is coming free to PS4 PS Plus members in September, w00t πŸ™‚

Together with Lords of the Fallen; from what I’ve read is Dark Souls like… not sure how to take this as I’ve yet to get far in a Dark Souls title, due to lack of time and ‘git gud’ ability… must revisit DS3 & Bloodborne

Awesome! Journey

has shown up for free in the Playstation store today for the PS4… wonder if the PS3 save will carry through; although I doubt it?

The ambience

the controls tutorial; I so hope there’s a VR version / sequel

Together > Alone

I missed out from having a companion in the game the first time through… as in missed missed the whole motivation and loved up emotional draw / attraction of the title.

I’ve played a the first few stages and know this time through will be different; it has excelled the title from cool to awesome … same game but different, even though I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on πŸ™‚

Edit: I’ve now played with several players who didn’t understand the benefits of working together, and it becomes quite a sad experience.

To paraphrase PaRappa the Rapper; to make the most of this game all you gotta be is nice and friendly πŸ˜‰

Back to Bloodborne


I’ve been having fun playing Dark Souls 2, progressing slowly, got to a point I couldn’t pass (caves spiders, then multiple dark cleric boss), so thought I’d take a break.

So booted up Bloodborne, played around in the Dark Forest levelled up a couple of times, and ended up opting to have a look around the Gaol.

Joy of joys, after several attempts & ringing the beckoning bell each time without response, I managed to defeat the πŸ™‚

I had no luck with my flaming cleaver, but Ludwig’s Holy Blade 2 handed made easy work of the so called boss… it was hard work until I tried Ludwig & no joke, can now sleep soundly!

Bloodborne – First impressions


Bloodborne’s difficulty is a refreshing change in platform open world titles, a challenge that I am enjoying after months of Elite:Dangerous.

It is not that each individual encounter is hard; far from it, it is quite easy to take down a single foe. Although when this difficulty is compounded by ever enemy that you face, as the ‘save’ points as few and far between, does it become a true challenge.

The environment has a baroque city feel to it, as the one righteous fighter you feel somewhat of an ‘I am Legend’ outsider… and Outsider is what you’re known as within the game.

My one frustration is lack of direction, although again relating this title back to elite; this makes it a little more interesting.

The game doesn’t spoon feed you, there’s no compass showing the next next objective, I don’t really know what the next objective is? πŸ™‚

Game play to date, I first chose the axe, but found I couldn’t get far into Central Yharnam, so I restarted the game, this time choosing the slightly quicker Saw Cleaver as my primary weapon.

After a few hours of trial and error I made my way to the first boss, Cleric Beast. He kicked my arse a few times, until I had the option to use the Beckoning Bell .

I believe a tickle on this beauty calls another player into my game, to fight alongside me. This chap appeared looking like a top hatted enemy NPC, and set off to kick off with everything on screen, including the Cleric Beast, when we got there… then promptly, Mr Ben style, disappeared.

So, as prior, I now don’t now where exactly I am meant to wander, and I am not going to spoil the game by reading a guide… just yet.

I’ve worked my way through the last section a couple of time to build up my Blood Echos, that I have spent on level upgrades, a new snazzy outfit, and have upgraded my Saw Cleaver(+1)

So back to Yharnam, sure I will find another way to get my character’s arse handed to them πŸ™‚

Turned out that it wasn’t another player who joined me, but the 2nd boss to face Papa G, aka Father Gascoigne, think having the music box allowed the request for assistance.

The battle with Papa G was a serious challenge, I had a good tactic, after the ~20th time of facing him, I was looking to beat his final beast form, he was down to 1/2 health, I had 8 molotov cocktails ready to finish him, when he glitched out.

I was using a tactic of running up the stairs, dealing hits when possible, and dropping onto the ledge (where the red broach can be found) to hit him a couple of times, then run back to the stairs and repeat.

However one time he fell off the ledge, behind a set of tombstones, lost aggression, and didn’t attack, retaliate, or change form.

Bit of an anti-climax, but I’d still triumphed πŸ™‚

I’m now facing the 3rd boss battle, I’ve tried the fight a couple of times, I seem to be poisoned, so I need a way to take the medication quickly