Memories of Remember

Remember Me
I’m a couple of chapters into Capcom’s Remember Me – an urban cyberpunk Lara Croft adventure, movie like FMV, William Gibson’s tomorrow’s technology, combat of Batman and Assassins Creed, with its own touch of remix… and then we have the cool finishing move ‘overloads’, that reminds me of Bayonetta’s wicked weave

Modern day Paris is stunning, reminiscent of a Final Fantasy city blended with Hong Kong; the only thing it’s missing to reflect reality is everyone smoking Galois

What other game has this kind of pedigree? Just a pity it’s not Open World, and I feel I may tire of the combat

The picture clues are a nice touch, although there’s not that much floor space to a level, and it becomes routine to check around each corner for ‘memories’.

Let’s see if it can hold my attention long enough to complete the story 🙂

Super Street Fighter iv Arcade

Ever since my early teens I’ve been an avid fan of the Street Fighter series.
Too many college lectures were missed as I was in situ at my local arcade playing SSFii or some bootleg Hyper version. (Remember the fireballs that would bounce across the screen?)
70 British pounds I paid for an extremely rare import copy of the first Sega Megadrive (aka Genesis) console. I then had to wait months for a 6 button joystick to become available. My brother tired of it quickly, but I honed my skills against the CPU players, to the point I could play without watching the screen!

20 years later Capcom release the latest installment of this fantastic series, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
I’m a little disappointed with this being the 3rd iteration of practically the same game. Although if this one improves as much as the Super version did over the original SFiv & the price tag isn’t too greedy then I’m sure I’ll give it a go.

Who am I kidding, I’ll be there on release day!
An evil Ryu & 2 extra characters, for all of the hours I put in online it’s certainly cheaper than visiting my local arcade… plus home doesn’t have the arcade sticky carpets, tepid warm diet coke & an assortment of street urchins, shoplifters & smackheads.
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