Cyanogenmod 12 arrives for Nexus 4

CM 12

I was so stoked Friday to find Cyanogenmod 12 arrives for Nexus 4!

The boards said it was stable, or that snapshot is the new stable, so I thought why not.
I’ve been doing this since the Nexus 1, so I dropped into the usual update process; I backed up everything and took advantage of being able to install direct from my copy of CM 11.

Everything went well, apps and info were restored from Titanium, at first CM 12 was buttery smooth… but then the day progressed, and smooth turned to chunky.

I was receiving a black screen every time I unlocked, the phone rang to the same black screen; only the power button did anything, thank goodness it actually answered the call!

So then this afternoon, after having had enough with the sluggish feel and no real benefits I decide to revert back to CM 11.
Running through the process Cyanogenmod ran into an eternal boot loop, after installing the ~120 apps… oh noes!

But I’m a veteran at this, I have backups, no need for a cold sweat just yet!

9 hours later I finally have my phone back to how it looked this time yesterday 🙂

CM 12 removed TWRP for Clockworkmod… those backups I had couldn’t be loaded!

I get lazy when it comes to playing with ADB, and I like my hand to be held, blessed that these 2 sources were available:
Universal Naked Driver Solves Your ADB Driver Problems on Windows
15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.2

I’m not proud that I used Windows, and I will try and get au fe with ADB in Linux to ensure it never happens again, but Wugfresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit has me spoiled, it means I don’t usually need to think and stress too much to resolve my Android boot loader crisis.

Anyway normal service has been resumed 🙂

CyanogenMod Nexus 4

Cyanogenmod Nexus 4

For the first time on the Nexus 4, I’ve installed a Custom ROM, and to date this was my largest fail yet.

I didn’t brick the device, although the password for the encryption I’d set up was continually rejected 🙁

I had to wipe the device completely, to remove drive encryption, and start Cyanogen 10.2.1, the last stable build based on Android 4.3.1, which is apparently more secure than later builds.

I made a complete backup of the device, then used Titanium Backup for apps and system data. For the first time I had the foresight to backup my contacts, I usually go dark after a ROM upgrade, plus the Bitcoin wallet I use on my phone.

All of the requested apps were restored with ease; except for PayPal? I left out everything Google, setup and added XPrivacy, AFWall+, Orbit, and OpenVpn, with no issues.

Email goes through K9, including GMail accounts that I need to keep.

What’s missing?

  • Swype text entry, although there’s a trail when I drag my finger, it doesn’t seem to record the words? Sure I can find another app to help
  • Volume for ringtones and alerts, but who uses their phone for calls 😉
  • WiFi and Bluetooth; I read this is a known issue for people loading this ROM from KitKat. Solution is to install OFW 4.3, and then back to this Cyanogenmod build.
  • Hangouts for PM’s
  • Office for docs
  • Keep for notes

I see an Android weekend ahead, and I could still end up on stock 4.4.4 😉 Posted from working WordPress app!

Nexus One PirateBox

Came across this thread on Reddit: Handmade Gadgets? This is my PirateBox

After reading through a couple of links I’ve found that some guys here at xda-developers that have installed the necessary software on a Nexus1!

I happen to have a spare rooted N1 sitting about, running on Cyanogenmod. I’ve been using it to occasionally stream Pandora, but I am more than keen to see if I can build a working PirateBox from it… I can think of so many uses, certainly at work 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what I can put together tomorrow!

CyanogenMod for Nexus 4

Cyanogenmod – Make Mako your own! destructions for installing Cyanogenmod onto the Nexus4

Cyanogenmod was my preferred ROM for my Nexus 1, after it was no longer supported for updates.

Now I’m considering switching back to it, on my N4, for different reasons… the main one to break away from Google’s tracking. The down side is that I’m hooked on Google Apps 🙁

So here’s a list of the benefits of Android supported with Google apps.


For me an millions of others Gmail has become as synonymous to email as as to search.

  • I have several accounts that I use for different purposes
  • the app is good, clean and simple
  • more storage than I’ll ever need
  • built into the phone, the functionality is great

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first step to leaving google

I haven’t entertained the idea of leaving a google OS on my Nexus 4 until hearing about the tracking information, as this would lose functionality compared with 4.2.2…. until now 🙂

Cyanogenmod has been my OS of choice, after acquiring my Nexus1. So I’m quite looking forward to the task of installing the latest version, and finding life beyond google.

Not sure of how I feel about ditching Ingress though, think I might give my account away.
Let’s see how it pans out.

Cyanogenmod update

Cyanogenmod 10.1 RC1 Starts To Roll Out To Devices Near You

Slashdot Cyanogenmod 10.1
After owning my N1 for a few weeks I’d rooted it amd installed Cyanogenmod.
I loved what it allowed me to do with my phone, beyond the generic Android OS.

By N1 has been boxed up for a couple of months… well actually used as a dev test phone for a work app, and I’m more than happy with 4.2.2 on the N4 and N7.

If I didn’t have a Nexus device, guaranteed to have the latest Android build, I would certainly be tempted. But currently I have have no incentive, especially when 4.3 and Key Lime Pie are on the near horizon.

Also I was upset when some of the wallpapers were removed 😉

Official Cyanogenmod site