December 17 already

Game log

Sticking to my pledge that I must finish a game before i pick up a new one, I planned on making a concerted effort to finish FFXV

I entered the final chapter, after completing the 2 available DLC’s, and had my arse handed to me! Scarpered back to the open world to level up and do a bit of fishing 🙂

Loved the DLC backstories, although have Ignis’s still to play through, and the option to switch characters in battle makes it so much more interesting that sometimes I don’t even use the ring of Lucil 😉

New house with faster unlimited internet so went back to my passion, getting my arse kicked on Street Fighter V online 🙂

Grinning through each fight, learning from my defeats, gone back to Ken to get up to speed. This works out OK until i meet anther Ken… it seems like a Barbie convention at times 🙂

As a gamer who doesn’t have much time to invest I really disapprove of Capcom’s model of earning / paying for new characters; if i didn’t enjoy the game so much I’d have ditched it by now, fuck them.

My darling wife doesn’t like my boy to watch fighting games (kicking and punching men as she calls it), so i spent an hour with him playing PaRappa the Rapper 2.

I beat all my expectations and worked through to the fifth level without loss, shit yeah,
this could be the next game I complete!

The boy loved the songs and animation too, perhaps a better choice of title for toddlers?

Then I’ve been distracted by the remastered Modern Warfare campaign… I forgot how well scripted the story is, loved the challenge and variety of the missions, it brought back so many fun memories of the crew i used to play with on xbox live… but I just couldn’t motivate myself to begin All Ghillied Up

For quick games I’ve been jumping on Overwatch to play the festive Yeti game… I make an abominable snowman, and also the odd game of Rocket League

& I’ve recently discovered Live Coding, more on that soon 🙂

Parappa the Rapper Easter Eggs

This is the 1st time I’ve heard of these Easter Eggs… ain’t the interwebs grand 🙂
Parappa The Rapper
Best Ending
Get a COOL rating (finish the level with a cool rating) on every level and you get a new level where you watch Sunny Funny and Katy Kat dance on a table. You can change the view with the D-pad, zoom in and out with R1 and L1, and change Sunny’s and Katy’s clothes with the X and Triangle buttons.

Easy Fleaswallow Mode
In the third level, ignore the beat given to you at the top. Instead, follow Fleaswallow’s beat to the button given at the top of the screen (while holding left). If done correctly, Parrapa will only the utter the first syllable of each sentence while alternating between Good and Cool. This is a funny and easy way to get past Fleaswallow’s stage.
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Whaa? Parappa the Rapper TV

You’ve gotta I can’t believe I haven’t seen or heard of this before!
Although I don’t truthfully believe that I’m the target demographic 🙂

Here’s the intro of the Japanese Parappa the Rapper TV anime (is it anime cartoon, or just anime?)
I’m off to look for the series with sub-titles

Found it…
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Retro PS1 Experience

As the PS4 is rumoured to be released later this year, I’ve had a retro experience on my PS3, via the new version of MultiMan. It’s now possible to play old PS1 games!
Metal Slug X
I’m so stoked at the opportunity to play some old classics, and thanks to CoolRom I’ve picked up a couple of old favourites:

They’re all as great and challenging as I remember, a great flash baack to more innocent times, what happened to the originality? Or I guess it’s more likely finding studios to fund new ideas