use PS4 joypad on PC

use PS4 joypad on PC

One of the great features of the PS4 is the new Joypad, it’s more ergonomic, and the touch pad is a work of design genius.

So I was stoked to find out it could be used on the PC by following this simple guide from Make Use Of – how to use the ps4 controller on your mac or pc

Now I can ditch my old Hori xbox pad for Elite Dangerous, and add that bit of extra style to my Empire Clipper with the PS4 pad 🙂

PlayStation E3 announcements

PlayStations recent announcements at this year’s, E3.

inVizimals The Resistance—> 

The Order 1886—> 

Bloodborne —> 

Killzone Intercept —>

Minecraft —> 

LBP3 —> 

BigFest —> 

Uncharted trailer: 


TLOU —> 
Set Maker for Playroom —>

Everyone has gone to the Rapture —>

Entwined —> 

DRIVECLUB (Tuesday) —>