Windows 10 locked out shared partition in Ubuntu

Thought I would post this story of how Windows 10 locked out shared partition in Ubuntu, and how I sorted it.

Hope I don’t require this again [yeah right], but hope it might be useful to others.

Fix, or TL:DR, first, story below 🙂


  • In Windows 10 I ran chkdsk at the advice of users on the Ubuntu irc
    • when selected it Windows claimed there was an error on the drive, but all this caused was to reboot several times, and roll back the changes
  • back in Ubuntu I checked dmesg
    • all this showed was a known AMD graphics card error, nowt to worry about,
      or show what the hard drive issue was
  • next step was to check fstab to see if the partition was listed
    • had to force my way in: sudo nano /etc/fstab
    • here was my first clue, there were no deets listed for the partition in question
  • from the terminal I ran sudo blkid to find the relevant UUID
  • back in fstab I made the addition:
    #Entry for /dev/sd## :
    UUID="HEX_CODE" /media/sd## ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_NZ.UTF-8 0 0

    • still no success, still not writable 🙁
  • refusing to give up, it was the wrong side of midnight, I pulled out the big guns with sudu su, and ran sudo chown -R 777 /media/sd##
  • returned by to the normal user to find all rights had been restored 🙂 …
    although I haven’t booted Windows 10 as yet to see if there are any implications, but even if they are, I now know how to fix it 🙂


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