Finally made time to complete this choice title, Brothers: A Tale of two Sons

A great story, an emotional roller-coaster, paced to perfection, but as all good games, just long enough.

Very nice scaled environments, great character movement, and novel puzzles.

Money well spent, will play again… there are achievements outstanding, nice work starbreeze

Ah He?

Rating: ★★★★☆

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Who is she?
So with the news of the recent launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV, I have found a token that grants 48 hours of Gold membership to xbox live, I’ve had a few fights to test my connection and setup (7 wins from 8, my Blanka still kicks arse 🙂 ), and the Ultra update is currently downloading.

So to fill in the time, and to get my game up to speed, I have been reading the very useful and detailed new Ultra Street Fighter IV Wiki at Shoryuken

Very much looking forward to this game; new balance changes, 5 new characters, and 6 new stages! w00t

Wonder how long it will take for me to get frustrated with my poor internet speeds?

Super Street Fighter IV is not be free on XBOX Live from the 16th June, hope my game skills are practised enough for the new influx of players that will arrive.

A day in and I’m in love with the game as much as ever.
The new characters are cool, but what as impressed me more is the lag free games, and the spirit of the community; people who fight for the love of the game!

Rolento’s Mekong Delta Attack is totes overpowered!
It’s far too easy to execute, for the chaos and damage it inflicts… I’m loving it 🙂

Executed by pressing all three punches, Rolento performs a simple backflip, much like one of Vega’s. If punch is pressed while Rolento is about to finish the backflip, he will tuck into a ball and roll forward, being not different of a ground-travelling version of Blanka’s Rolling Attack. How far he rolls is determined by the punch button pressed. If he rolls into the opponent, he will hit them and rebound a small distance. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, the followup roll has armor breaking properties.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken is executed by pressing two punch buttons right before the backflip ends. In it, the followup roll travels much faster, grants Super Armor, and hits up to four times, dealing more than double the damage.

The rebound occurs even if the hit is blocked, making the attack somewhat safe on block. However, because the backflip may alert the opponent to the possibility of the attack, Rolento is often likely to be hit out of the roll.

A recommended tactic is to mostly use the backflip for escape only, and to only use the forward roll when opportunities present themselves, such as when the opponent throws a projectile while Rolento is backflipping[1].

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
I’ve just started playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, it received high ratings for an arcade title [Metacritic 86%] so thought I’d give it a go.

First impressions are of blend between Fable’s luscious nearly comic book style, Ico’s companionship, and Journey’s none dialogue.

The tasks seem not too complex, the biggest challenge is to control the 2 characters, that are live at both the same time. Each boy is controlled by a different thumb stick, the relevant trigger being for their action.

The game pace is steady and relaxed, the vistas pleasing, with a nice attention to detail and ambient location feel.

The boys seem to have their own characters; the younger more playful and more musical from what I’ve found so far.

Even though there is no recognisable dialogue… they seem to be speaking some language, that sounds Nordic but is really closer to Simlish, you understand the intention.

Even so, after the initial couple of minutes you know that it’s going to be an emotional ride, and I think this will drive me to play it through to the end.

Certainly the best Arcade game I’ve picked up this weekend.
Rating: ★★★½☆]

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

To carry on my afternoon of Xbox Arcade action I picked up Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet… although I can’t see what’s insanely twisted about the planets?

The shadow bit comes from the silhouetted planet borders, which is very stylised, and the World’s are truly alien!

The intro shows your generic bug eyed alien getting encased in a traditional flying saucer, that you control in a non limited 360 degrees from the left thumb stick.

You don’t begin with any weapons, but a satellite dish scanner, to investigate around the noir world. In time you pick up other additions to your ship, a laser, grabbing hook, and shield early on, that are controlled from the right stick.

You have no instructions, except for the occasional icon, shown on a simple map. Save points are frequent and non intrusive… although after an hour of play time I’ve yet to need one.

So the challenge isn’t great, the puzzles not complex, but what does it for me is nostalgia.

Many years ago back at school a simple, but challenging game got me hooked on gaming (even though I’d seen Elite a couple of years before), Thrust, played on the BBC Mirco B(335 quid each nearly 30 years ago, wow!)

Thrust brings realistic physics and inertia-based movement into arcade games, directly influencing titles like Oids, as well as Exile from Audiogenic by the same author. The action is viewed from the side, with the graphics drawn in vectors, in keeping with the mathematical nature of everything that unfolds.

As a Resistance fighter, the player must fly into enemy lines in order to steal Klystron Pods to power more advanced starships, using your tractor beam to take them. A network of mounted guns are aiming to shoot the player down – these can be disabled by shooting their power source, but eventually this will explode, forcing the player to flee. Some of the later levels feature reverse gravity, which increases the difficulty of the gameplay.

And here’s a version someone has ported to java! 🙂
Thrust Online

It has been good to be introduced to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, if not just for the nearly 30 year flash back, and I probably will play more of it, it’s a cool stress free way to waste a few hours.
Rating: ★★½☆☆

Late to the Super Meat Boy party

Looking for a change from GTA V today (sacrilege I know!), I went hunting through arcade games I have yet to give a try.

After reading a review on the new concept Steam controller, written by the creator of Super Meat Boy I was inspired to give his title a try.

First I don’t know why it has taken me nearly 3 years since release to get around to it?

My nephew introduced me to it 18 months or so ago, I maybe jumped about on the first level, and that was it.

This morning I’ve played through the first World, and can see why it has received the rave reviews (Metacritic 90%).

I love the play world’s physics, bold graphics, and what seems like a mix of a satirical plot blended between Mario and Sonic i.e. reach the princess, and destroyed wild life.

Think it is a game that I will love to hate over time; I like a challenge, but I’m glad the days of pixel perfect jumping are behind us 🙂

It’ going to be fun to see how the levels develop, and I do enjoy the change of the one shot attempt at a level, after having my hand held through GTA V’s auto checkpoints, which to be fair kept the film like narrative flowing.

First impression, I’m scared of getting into it too deep as I know there will be frustration, and that’s not what I’m lookng for in the few valuable hours I get to play
Rating: ★★★½☆

Beat Hazard Ultra Come Home to XBLIG

I loved the original Beat Hazard, one of the first games I was shown on Steam, and the sequel has made it back to XBOX live.

I played through the demo with a crazy grin on my face, hope to review the full game in the near future, 400 Microsoft points well spent

Cold Beam Games is excited to announce that the music driven arcade shooter Beat Hazard Ultra is now available on XBLIG.

Beat Hazard Ultra adds awesome new features to the original Beat Hazard:

· Co-op and Verses online and local multiplayer
· Boss Rush and Survival modes
· 2 New bosses and 10 new enemy ships
· 24 perks to unlock and 3 devastating tactical weapons

The original Beat Hazard was first released on XBLIG about 3 years ago and marked the start of my Indie career. Since then the game has been ported to 6 other platforms, (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and PS3).

no walking dead down under

walking dead zombie
I’ve just heard of this titles release from this sites rss.
Cell shaded zombies, intriguing progressive plot, take my money.
But no, another title not just toned down, but this time denied to us in the antipodean, and why?

On Telltale Games’ official forum, a member asked about the release of The Walking Dead in Australia. An employee of Telltale replied with the following: “Sorry, but due to the OFLC ratings laws in Australia and New Zealand, and the fact that this is a mature game, we do not currently have plans to release the game there on consoles.”

So is there a method to download different region xbox live content?

I was never 100% sure that I’d purchase this title… although now I’m told I can’t play the game, the more I must 🙂