Kinect juggling

I’ve found this fantastic video (bonus that the sound track used sounds like Kid Koala), together with the code… but it’s for Windows 🙁

Projects like this sometimes tempt me back to the darkside.

Looking on through the list of projects I found another that I would love to give a try: Keyboard Anywhere

I started out putting the project together, although disappointingly I ran into a wall trying to install PyQGLViewer on 13.10 🙁

Currently trying Ubuntu + Kinect + OpenNI + PrimeSense from

Ubuntu Kinect Mouse

Linux kinect
As much as I love the functionality of the xbox 360 kinnect, and there have been some cool games, I don’t use it too often.

So I got thinking about what would be an effective use for this sophisticated bit of kit.

My first thought was as an alternative cursor controller.
And being the 21st century, and having google available at my fingertips, I found that someone had done the hard thinking prior.

So here’s this weekends project, as well as scoring a present for my darling wife, and finding a battery pack for the PirateBox 🙂

So for starters, here’s A community based site focusing on development and programming for the Microsoft Kinect 3D depth sensor.
Develop Kinect

this didn’t work so well, so I tried a different tactic: OpenKinect

xbox internet explorer

I don’t know how I missed this on launch… or after spending a little time playing with it today, I may have deleted it on launch and forgot about it 🙂

There are only 2 reasons I boot up my xbox, for Street Fighter and kinect games. And after burning off a bit of sweat on sports titles this afternoon, I started messing about with the voice prompts.

One thing lead to another, I tried ‘xbox shutdown’ many times with no luck, and discovered Bing’ing a statement only brought up xbox content. But from this DLC I came across Internet Explorer!

2 mins later Explorer is downloaded and installed, but then imagine my shock / horror that the cursor couldn’t be controlled with kinect gestures! A dashboard of popular regional pages can be opened by voice, and the xbox can do other simple voice commands via kinect… so why do motion control?

I want a reason to use this new toy, but why should I?

What with all of the press coverage recently, of Microsoft et al providing info to the NSA, why would I give them more information than minimal? especially when my xbox plugs into the same TV as my PC, that gives better resolution and surfing experience.

This is the one area Microsoft could have triumphed, but I feel they missed the boat… or will this be an additional feature only available to the xbox one?

Skyrim: Easy way beyond level 81

Reading on the Bethesda Blog that the Skyrim team were moving on to their next projects, but there was one last gift to the community, Skyrim patch 1.9
Rating: ★★★★☆

Heaps of bug fixes, but it was the new features that motivated me to load up my last save point:

  • Legendary difficulty setting
  • Legendary Skills – Skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks and allow the skill to affect leveling again. This effectively removes the overall level cap.

Sweet, no longer limited to level 81, could skills once legendary rise beyond 100? It turns out not, but still heaps of fun to be had.
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child of eden – kinect showcase title

I’ve finally got hold of a copy of child of eden, the long wait is over, & was it worth it?
Damn yeah!

After I’d been charmed by the stunning, plot setting, intro, I played through the 1st level. Which takes you through a non invasive tutorial… after all there’s not much to learn.

I won’t try & explain the plot, watch the youtube intro to give you the background. But eden is the internet & the history of the Earth stored within it.

For those of you familiar with Rez, the basics are just the same… hold your cursor, controlled with your right hand, over the sprites, & push forward to fire, known in game as lock-on-and-release.
Highlight up to 8 enemies, hit ’em all score a ‘Perfect’, also known as a ‘octa-lock’.
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Boycott Blackwater Games

Blackwater's latest incarnation

The Afghan, Iraqi & now Pakistan invasions have been fought by hired mercenaries, which used to go by the name of Blackwater, now known as Xe Services LLC
In many cases their employees are exempt from normal laws. The stories of their rape & murders of civilians, which are not widely publicised by the western media, are often horrific.
They were kicked out of Iraq for the crimes of employees!
This company is despicable, making huge amounts of money from the US tax payers, while being fined by the US & under investigation for many killings of unarmed foreign nationals.
How bad does a companies PR have to be for them to change their name & branding?
Read the wikipedia entry for more details.

So you can understand what I think of them?
But now I read they’re releasing a kinect video game: Blackwater
This is shocks me, it’s plain & simply wrong.

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Rip off NZ retailers?

I’m to use this post to track the prices of console games in New Zealand, compared with the rest of the civilised World. I have an idea that they’re overpriced due to lack of stores… lets see what my web research shows

For my 1st example I’m to use Child Of Eden, as it just released today & no store in Auckland has seen it!
I’ll show the list price & discounted price for each region I can find the data for.

US Amazon
Currency: USD, List Price: $49.99, Sale Price: $47.99, 59.81 New Zealand dollars

EB Games NZ
Currency: NZD, List Price: $109.99, Sale Price: $N/A Out of Stock

Mighty Ape
Currency: NZD, List Price: $109.99, Sale Price: $99.99 24th June

Currency: AUD, List Price: $88, Sale Price: $67.90, 89.08 New Zealand dollars

Gameplay UK
Currency: GBP, List Price: $49.99, Sale Price: £28.99, 58.38 New Zealand dollars
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Rez 3d aka Child of Eden – Kinect

AS you may have guessed I’m a gadget collector, usually more expensive & useless the better. I’m justifying why I acquired a kinect at launch, when there were no decent titles (it’s true!) and no actual footage of upcoming games (the Star Wars on stage demo doesn’t count as it was acted out).

So I installed software on my Linux box, that could mimic what the xbox does with the kinect, with limited success. I’ve lost weight learning dance & tai chi moves, to the humour of my wife. It’s pretty much being a white elephant, did I mention a redecorated my games room to accommodate the kinect box in the optimum location 🙂

Anyway one title released tomorrow will bring my kinect back to life; Child of Eden

Child Of Eden thrusts the player into the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories. As the project nears completion, the archive is invaded by an unknown virus. The player’s mission is to save Eden from the virus, restoring hope and peace.
This game is a collaboration between publisher Ubisoft and acclaimed videogame creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi — the mastermind behind the acclaimed game Rez. The player becomes truly immersed in the game, with no physical barriers between him and the game world. ign

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