xbox usb keyboard


I find it hard to believe that I have never tried this before!

I find enterring lengthy text messages via joystick into XBOX LIve timely.
Today I plugged in a keyboard I have been using with a Raspberry Pi into the XBOX to see if it would work.

Wonders of technology, keyboard typing without the need for drivers!

Not sure of how long the nolvelty will last before I revert back to GG 🙂

News – Street Fighter V

Shit, I’ve just purchased the last Ultra iteration… but I’m still excited by the prospect of Street Fighter V coming to PS4 and Xbone 🙂

Excerpt from EventHubs, info courtesy of sponichi

Updated: Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono addressed Sports Nippon’s report today and said that the “pay to win model is not accurate and isn’t something we’re planning for.

“Sorry for the confusion! We’re still in early planning stages and will
share more at a later date,” added Ono.

Earlier: Although Capcom did not announce a new fighting game at E3 this year, according to Sponichi Annex, the online portal for the Sports Nippon Japanese newspaper, one of the fighting games maker’s top executives did make a few comments regarding the next Street Fighter.

Capcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said to media representatives in a group interview at E3 that the Osaka-based games maker has plans to develop a Street Fighter 5, and that it would not only fully utilize the unique features of online gaming, but also attempt to broaden the player base by making it more accessible for newcomers, Sponichi Annex reported.

“We’d like to steer away from making the next game such that skilled players will win, but unskilled players will lose almost instantaneously,” Tsujimoto said.

Street Fighter IV Battle and Player Points

I’ve been playing some version of SFIV for a while now, but today the question hit me:
Whats the difference between Battle Points & Player Points?

Here’s a succinct answer from a google search:

PP stands for Player Points. BP stands for Battle Points.

PP is essentially your overall skill as measured by the game and your wins and losses, regardless of what character you’re using.

BP measures your skill with a specific character which can also go up and down. The grades that you see, D, D+, C, etc… those are based on your character BP and give your opponent an idea of how good you are with that character. There’s also an achievement for getting all characters to C grade or above.

The reason for this separation of points is because Capcom noticed that there were players that would create entirely new accounts on PSN specifically for different characters for stat tracking and BP. If you mained Ryu and Blanka in SF4, your BP was always a reflection on your play as a whole. You might have had a ton of BP but were playing with a character you’ve never used before, but your BP doesn’t reflect that in vanilla. So if you were a Ryu/Blanka mainer and decided that you wanted to try a little of Rose, your ton of BPs would make your opponent think, “holy crap… he must be a godly Rose player”.

BP being character specific lets you go ahead and play anyone you want and give yourself and others an accurate idea of how good you are with that character.

Street Fighter iv free on Xbox live


As a public service announcement, here’s a reminder that Street Fighter iv is now free on Xbox live, for gold members, until the end of the month!

As a long time fan of the game I’m stoked that new players will have the pleasure of experiencing SFiv for the first time.

For those who are new to the series, and even maybe the genre, here’s a great guide to start with: Sonic Hurricane dot com: Footsies Handbook

Hope to see you guys online!

Trials Fusion

Trial Fusion
As a big fan of the series I was keen to get into Trials Fusion, and all I can think is each next title takes it a step back from the simplistic beauty; complexity is added to ‘upgrade’ and ‘appeal’

Find the voices a mix between Gladys and the sublime media of Bioshock… except more annoying, and not as funny.

FMX mode is a nice addition, where traditonal MX tricks can be pulled off by pushing the right thumb stick in the relevant direction.

I’ve just started out, so haven’t yet got used to the new features; one thing that kinda irritates me is the sometime obtuse camera angle, sure it’ll be cool though 🙂

Off to flip across more ravines!

For now Rating: ★★★☆☆

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Who is she?
So with the news of the recent launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV, I have found a token that grants 48 hours of Gold membership to xbox live, I’ve had a few fights to test my connection and setup (7 wins from 8, my Blanka still kicks arse 🙂 ), and the Ultra update is currently downloading.

So to fill in the time, and to get my game up to speed, I have been reading the very useful and detailed new Ultra Street Fighter IV Wiki at Shoryuken

Very much looking forward to this game; new balance changes, 5 new characters, and 6 new stages! w00t

Wonder how long it will take for me to get frustrated with my poor internet speeds?

Super Street Fighter IV is not be free on XBOX Live from the 16th June, hope my game skills are practised enough for the new influx of players that will arrive.

A day in and I’m in love with the game as much as ever.
The new characters are cool, but what as impressed me more is the lag free games, and the spirit of the community; people who fight for the love of the game!

Rolento’s Mekong Delta Attack is totes overpowered!
It’s far too easy to execute, for the chaos and damage it inflicts… I’m loving it 🙂

Executed by pressing all three punches, Rolento performs a simple backflip, much like one of Vega’s. If punch is pressed while Rolento is about to finish the backflip, he will tuck into a ball and roll forward, being not different of a ground-travelling version of Blanka’s Rolling Attack. How far he rolls is determined by the punch button pressed. If he rolls into the opponent, he will hit them and rebound a small distance. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, the followup roll has armor breaking properties.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter X Tekken is executed by pressing two punch buttons right before the backflip ends. In it, the followup roll travels much faster, grants Super Armor, and hits up to four times, dealing more than double the damage.

The rebound occurs even if the hit is blocked, making the attack somewhat safe on block. However, because the backflip may alert the opponent to the possibility of the attack, Rolento is often likely to be hit out of the roll.

A recommended tactic is to mostly use the backflip for escape only, and to only use the forward roll when opportunities present themselves, such as when the opponent throws a projectile while Rolento is backflipping[1].

Xbox GPU faster without kinect

xbox one

Phil Spencer from Microsoft posted on twitter today:

June #XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth. More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better

But what does this mean? Eurogamer questined Microsoft:

Microsoft has confirmed that this boost in performance is in fact due to Kinect being stripped from the package. When asked if the two were related, a Microsoft spokesperson sent Eurogamer the following response:

“Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 per cent additional GPU performance. We’re committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One games even better by giving them the option to use the GPU reserve in whatever way is best for them and their games.”

And will this mean more games will hit the 1080p 60fps benchmark that’s all the rage these days, I asked?

“Xbox One games look beautiful and have rich gameplay and platform features. How developers choose to access the extra GPU performance for their games will be up to them. We have started working with a number of developers on how they can best take advantage of these changes. We will have more to share in the future.”

Microsoft also offered the following statement on the dev kit update in general:

“Just as we’re committed to making ongoing system updates for our fans to enjoy new features of Xbox One, we’re also committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One games even better. In June we’re releasing a new SDK making it possible for developers to access additional GPU resources previously reserved for Kinect and system functions. The team is continually calibrating the system to determine how we can give developers more capabilities. With this SDK, we will include new options for how developers can use the system reserve as well as more flexibility in our natural user interface reserve (voice and gesture). We’ll continue to work closely with developers to help them bring great games to Xbox One.”

So unplugging the kinect won’t speed up a game, and free up GPU resources. The changes have top be made by the devs themselves.

Will this mean better game graphics on the XBONE?
I think so, publishers wanna shift more titles, and gain market share. If a game isn’t kinect compatible then you would hope any programmers worth their salt will try and get the most out of the target hardware… only time will tell.

This now makes the choice of purchasing a next gen console more of a challenge!

The PS4 has been regarded as the better, more advanced piece of kit… until now.

But the xbox controller is so much more ergonomic for my bear sized hands, and I’ve been a fan of the kinect from launch… but is there a Virtual Headset coming soon from Sony?

After a day of Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs
I’ve played Watch Dogs for the past day (16.1% Progression!), here’re a few of my thoughts on the title so far, my largest criticism is that it isn’t GTA 🙂

  • Watch Dogs don’t sprint
  • Towers, it’s an Ubisoft open world adventure, how can there not be towers to liberate(!)
  • No clipping experienced on the PS3, I was prepared for the worse
  • I’m not using guns often, that’s cool and makes a change.. although I really like when the character draws his weapon, he pulls his scarf up over his face
  • The driving physics are terrible, only overcome by riding a motorcycle
  • I remember being wowed at the look of the water in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. After then I’ve rated the graphics and physics quality of all games on the water… WD’s water is not good, don’t get me started on the one style of boat that’s duplicated ad nauseam
  • It’s useful having the ability to hack surroundings, and the hacking mini games are fun
  • Hacking peoples phones is a nice touch, I like the steal tunes option, plus the fake SMS, and listening in on the calls
  • I’ve spent far too long with chess puzzles, guess Ubisoft know their target markets interests
  • The VR games are fun, they remind of Crackdown… sometimes Crackdown in a huge spider tank 🙂
  • I’m still not sure of story, although I have focused on side activities to get used to the engine. The main protagonist… I’ve forgotten his name already, is not as personable as Niko, let alone Mike, Trev, or Frank
  • ‘focus’, I can understand how it’s useful, how it gives the influence of superior gunmanship. My disappointment is that bullet time is Rockstar‘s tool, going back to Max Payne. Why can’t there be some originality? I’ve yet to use it intentionally, and I don’t feel it fits into the game… think it a product of design-by-comittee
  • I’ve solved the pop up crimes, which I find fun. I now have a vigilante status, WTF does this mean, and how does it change how the city reacts to me?
  • I hate stealing from poor people (I still do!), although I don’t mind killing new age Nazi’s… think my moral compass is pointed towards chaotic good
  • What made sleeping dogs great for me was the hand to hand combat. Coming from an Ubisoft stable I would have hoped the combat could have been adopted, together with the free running aspect
  • Rating: ★★★½☆
    So far I’m only in ankle-deep, there’s time for this game to impress me more, and I haven’t even gone near online activities… although I can’t see the car racing attracting any of my time 😉

    I think it might be like Saints Row games after episode 2, and get left on the shelf before completion

Wait for Watch Dogs is over

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is currently installing on my PS3, the nearly 2 year wait is finally over… and I don’t know if I should be excited, or ready for a little disappointment.

There have been brief reviews of how unimpressed some players have been, take Metacritic’s user score of 4.5, and the first couple of publisher opinions not too much better, which is the juxta of most game’s scores on (pre)release.

Watch Dogs, As Told By Steam Reviews, kotaku
3 out of 10 Avoid this one

I’m a big fan of GTA titles, and love a city sandbox to play in, Sleeping Dogs was one of my GotY nominations for 2012.

Hoping people are being too critical, sure it will be fun… if not I’ve still Wolfenstein to complete 🙂

84MB day one 1.01 patch, not bad, was expecting higher.
Nearly 2 hours since I picked up the game, and still no action… some days I miss the cartridge era

Watch Dogs fist impression: it’s like a blend of Sleeping Dogs and Heavy Rain, with a cyberpunk hacker theme.

The controls are OK, although I keep pulling out my ammo free gon as a reaction to everything. I’m expecting Assassins Creed style free running, although there is an option to auto scamper between cover spots

I’m not really sure what’s going on 🙂

The info hacking aspect is interesting. It paces the game; as you stroll nonchalantly down the street, scanning pedestrians for potential hacks… but then given info on their income and professions. I sometimes feel guilt at steeling from these innocent sprites, then I hack their bank accounts.

Emotion in games, wasn’t than Molyneux’s goal?

Ubisoft’s Chicago is a poor comparison to the high bench mark of Los Santos, and even Liberty City, a much closer semblance to Stillwater in Saints Row 2… coincidence as it was based on Chicago and Detroit too?

Vehicle driving is simply painful, think this may be what reminds me of Saints Row, with far too much over and under steer.

Totally the opposite, the human animation, at least for the chief protagonist, is fantastic!

Wolfenstein Easter eggs

Another couple of fun Wolfenstein easter eggs

“Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja”Edit
When Die Käfer was formed by four Englishmen from Liverpool in Nazi-
controlled Great Britain, they were faced with a choice: either start singing in German or face banning and detainment by the Nazi regime. Die Käfer chose to adapt to the times. They changed their name and learned how to sing in German. Currently, they’re touring Europe to promote their latest “Das blaue U-boot” album. Rumor has it that they lace their innocuous pop music with hidden codes which subvert the original meanings of the lyrics.

I’m expecting more than just an hat tip to the fab four, imagine a Nazi Elvis 🙂

And then the dream flashback… it really did take me back to the Atari Jaguar

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Kif, the drought is over, inform the men

Currently installing Wolfenstein: The New Order, from the masters Bethesda, on the XBOX

It’s been too long since I’ve played an original enthralling title, and Bethesda have not let me down to date!

Before I begin, I have no issue with real people in the target of my online single player aim. I acknowledge that some may find zombies easier to liquidate with a shotgun, personally I don’t care.

That Bethesda have brought back the original FPS, the Nazi, for me is a signature to the past, more than a PC guided choice.

old and new
I’m just into the intro, and the easter eggs are making me smile.

From the difficulty select faces that take me back to ID’s original Doom 2, to the Hawaiian wobbling ornament that reminds me of Bethesda’s Fallout 3… I think this is going to be fun 🙂

I’m enjoying the élite feel of the character.
Not like just another soldier / sprite that has enough rechargeable energy to get through gun battles, but the skill set to triumph over the computer bots… and not to sat that they are without panache, together with weapons and tactics to survive.

The first level in the trenches has a feel of the vaults, although rather than kick in V.A.T.S., you have to use strategic attacks to overcome the many enemies, and there seems to be other variations to take out an enemy, rather than the 1 on 1 gun fight… although I can envisage that the lean from cover control will be needed throughout the game 🙂

The AI, even on a medium (BRING’EM ON!) difficulty setting, is intuitive, and not like shooting fish in a barrel.

This is both a challenge, and refreshing

There are some nice signatures back to the original genre e.g. hyper health in precarious locations

The playable protagonist is a Yank, and the full support crew seem to be from the British isles… the guiding narrative voiced as Scottish, very reminiscent of Call of Duty’s Soap

The game is a unique blend between shoot ’em up and strategy, the alternate methods of approaching a shoot out make every next encounter more exciting than the last.

This is very much like Bethesda’s other classic, that I loved each chapter of, Dishonoured.

Even though the intro is linear, the excitement still exists

And as with Dishonoured, here’s choice that changes the game going forward to end the first chapter:

You’re not in for a game changing cut scene. We won’t get into the details, but you must choose to save either Fergus or Probst. Your choice will affect gameplay and story, so choose wisely. Saving Fergus will give you the ability to hotwire, granting access to health upgrades and alternate routes. If you save Probst Wyatt, you can pick locks, again allowing for additional routes and even armor upgrades. Seeing as how we had to choose, we went with Fergus simply because he was the most entertaining of the two characters.

Primagames – Wolfenstein: Nw world Order walkthrough

My only one irritation is the volume of the voices, the rest is near perfect

And here ends the prologue, enjoy 🙂

It’s going to take a while to get through 4 discs, certainly is Dishonoured is any guidance.
First impression Rating: ★★★★½

Saints Row: The Third now free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Saints Row: The Third

Typical that Microsoft begin to give away free games after I quit my Gold subscription.

The main reason I quit paying out was that they had given nothing away in the ~8 years I’d had an account… ah the irony. May have to sign back up?

I enjoyed the outer World hyper realsim of SR:3, and sure the multiplayer game will be well manned now evey Gold member has a copy 🙂

Ultra Street Fighter iv

Ultra Street Fighter iv

Ultra Street Fighter iv – system and character changes

As a longtime fan of Street Fighter I get excited about every new iteration… although not maybe the costume packs 🙂

So reasons to be stoked:

  • the game will be released on the XBOX360 and PS3
  • the 4 old, 1 new character, that is to be added to the line up
  • the changes to the existing fighters variables… red focus!

Thanks to shoryuken, here’s the character change list.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Change List

There’s an upcoming location test in Taipei in which fans there will get to play the latest build of Ultra Street Fighter IV. While there, players will get to see the changes for their favorite characters. We then thought, “why not let those who aren’t able to go to the location test see the change list? That way, they can follow how their character is progressing.” So, without further ado, here is the latest character change list.

In addition to the changes for the 39 characters, I’ve also included an explanation of how the new battle mechanics work. This is a long post, so hold that scroll bar down if you’re looking for a particular character.


Delay standing

  • Can only be performed against hard knockdown attacks
  • Can be performed by pressing any two buttons as the character hits the ground
  • The word “Technical” will be displayed if performed properly
  • Characters remain on the ground for 11 frames longer than normal

Red Focus

  • Performed by pressing light punch + middle punch + middle kick
  • Takes up two meters
  • Can absorb an infinite number of attacks
  • Damage absorbed builds the Ultra meter at 2x normal speed
  • Does 1.5x damage of a character’s normal focus attack
  • Level 1 and 2 are the same as normal focus and armor effect fades when you release the buttons
  • Level 3 has armor effect until the attack is active

EX Red Focus

  • Performed by pressing light punch + middle punch + middle kick
  • Takes three meters to perform
  • Does 1.5x damage of a character’s normal focus attack
  • Level 1 crumples the opponent instantly

Ultra Combo Double

  • Allows characters the ability to use both Ultra simultaneously
  • Characters either do 75% damage or 60% damage of their normal Ultra damage
  • Character classified under the 60% damage are: Zangief, Cammy, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Makoto, Hakan, Dhalsim, Rose, Akuma, E.Honda, and Hugo
  • Characters classified under the 75% damage are: All remaining characters

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The Stick of Truth


I don’t seem to have been playing many quality new games in the post Xmas summer months, this weekend the fast was broken with The Stick of Truth… it’s better than all expectations, but you already know that 🙂

I’m enjoying working my way around South Park, but I’m in no rush to complete it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is compelling, but I think there’s a reason that the episodes are only an half hour long.
Rating: ★★★★½

‘Dark Souls II’ Review Part One: Bringing Back The Demons – Forbes

Dark Souls 2

Forbes – Bringing Back The Demons

It’s impossible to talk about Dark Souls II without a discussion of Demon’s Souls.

In many respects, Dark Souls II is as much a sequel to From Software’s PS3 exclusive as it is to the original Dark Souls. If the two games had a baby, this hellishly difficult creation would be their demonic offspring.

In form and function, Dark Souls II feels much more like Demon’s Souls than it does Dark Souls.

The layout, the setup, the mechanics, the world design—all these things hearken back to the devilish outing in fog-shrouded Boletaria. There’s even a woman, the Emerald Herald, who levels you up in the hub area, almost identical to the Maiden in Black.

(The Emerald Herald intones this line each time you speak with her: “Bearer of the curse… Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls. Seek the King, that is the only way. Lest this land swallow you whole… As it has so many others.”

The Maiden in Black repeats something similar, though I think somewhat more poetic: “Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the world might be mended. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the world might be mended, so the world might be mended.”)

I don’t often read Forbes, but this article was a treat and has encouraged me to pick up the Dark Souls series