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Best Cookbooks (Fall 2018): José Andrés, Anissa Helou, Simone Klabin

This year's best food books reflect the importance of community, whether it's about saving the world or just understanding it a little better.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 3:00 pm

Black Friday 2018: Best Gaming Deals on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and More

The best deals on consoles, controllers, headsets, and other gaming gear for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo fans.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 2:30 pm

Women Pay More for Transit: This Week's Future of Cars News

Tesla, GM, and Nissan want to restore the fading tax credit for EVs; Waymo is almost ready to go; the Mustang gets electrified; and more car news.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 2:00 pm

Trump's Apparent Aquaphobia Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

Don't look now, but there's a sequel to the horror movie known as Last Week.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 2:00 pm

The Evolutionary Importance of Neutral vs. Adaptive Genes

For 50 years, evolutionary theory has emphasized the importance of neutral mutations over adaptive ones in DNA. Real genomic data challenge that assumption.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 1:00 pm

Gear for Running a Faster Marathon: Shoes, Trackers, Sensors

These sensors and shoes—and a beet juice elixir—gave speed back to a slowing runner.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 1:00 pm

Inside the Pricey War to Influence Your Instagram Feed

Instagram, YouTube—you name it. Influencers are being paid handsome sums to pitch you products in natural settings. That video you just watched? $50,000.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 12:00 pm

Using Airport and Hotel Wi-Fi Is Much Safer Than It Used to Be

You were right not to trust hotel and airport Wi-Fi a few years ago. But these days, it's (probably) fine.

Posted on 18 November 2018 | 12:00 pm

Julian Assange Charges, Japan's Top Cybersecurity Official, and More Security News This Week

Safer browsing, more bitcoin scams, and the rest of the week's top security news.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 3:30 pm

Space Photos of the Week: A Star Is Born After Gases Crash

Stellar nurseries seem cute, but they’re actually mini-Big Bangs.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 3:00 pm

The 13 Best STEM Toys for Kids That Will Make Learning Fun

We found math-filled and science-rich books, puzzles, coding kits, and more from brands including Amazon, Crayola, and Lego.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 2:00 pm

Does 'Maniac' Really Need So Many Dream Sequences?

They're fun, but they're also a bit much.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 2:00 pm

13 Early Black Friday (2018) Tech Deals: Echo, Dyson, OLED

Whet your appetite for holiday shopping with 13 of our favorite early Black Friday picks, from TVs and tablets to vacuums and more.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 1:00 pm

The Promise of (Practically) ‘Serverless Computing’

There still servers, but this cloud computing approach lets you turn services on and off more quickly and pay only for what you use.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 12:00 pm

Machine Learning Can Create Fake ‘Master Key’ Fingerprints

Researchers have refined a technique to create so-called DeepMasterPrints, fake fingerprints designed to get past security.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 12:00 pm

Make Thanksgiving Taste Like the Future With This Freeze-Dried Apple Pie

Rising-star chef Eric Rivera has an easy way to up your holiday game: using powdered freeze-dried foods to amplify the flavors in your favorite recipes.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 12:00 pm

How Did the 'Freedom From Facebook' Campaign Get Its Start?

Facebook hired an opposition firm to fight the initiative, which was funded by hedge fund millionaire David Magerman.

Posted on 17 November 2018 | 12:13 am

What Diane Greene's Departure Means for Google Cloud

Google trails Amazon and Microsoft in the business of renting computing power to other businesses.

Posted on 16 November 2018 | 9:59 pm

Kilogram Redefined. The Metric System Overhaul Is Complete

The platinum-iridium cylinder has been scrapped, and the kilogram will now be determined by the Planck constant.

Posted on 16 November 2018 | 8:28 pm

Surveillance Kills Freedom By Killing Experimentation

When we're being watched, we conform. We don't speak freely or try new things. But social progress happens in the gap between what’s legal and what’s moral.

Posted on 16 November 2018 | 2:00 pm